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The course material has been designed and developed keeping in mind the effective study practice required for success in CAT.

To begin with, take all our FREE CATs (7 Previous Year CATs and 3 MyCATstudy Mock CATs). MyCATstudy provides you the most comprehensive feedback of these tests by providing you the personalized report which highlights your strengths and weakness.

Having assessed your strong and weak areas with respect to individual topics and subtopics, you can strengthen your concepts and basics by studying our chapter guides and attempting related tests.

After a thorough preparation in the aforementioned way, you can now appear for 30+ MOCK CATs which will bring you closest to the actual test-taking experience.

Our complete package comprises guides and tests pertaining to individual chapters under Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability, with 8000+ CAT-standard questions with 30+ MyCATstudy Mock CATs apart from all previous year CATs (2003-2008).

The package is attractively priced at Rs. 6000.00 only.